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Protecting Your Facilities: Finding Solutions For Storm Events


At Orange Flood Control, LLC, our goal is to help our clients protect their valuable facilities from storms. Recently, we visited a client’s site to understand their challenges with heavy rainfall, street drainage, and rapid flooding. In this blog post, we’ll explain the problems they faced and share the solutions we proposed to keep their facilities safe.

Identifying the Problem

Our client was at risk of water entering their facility during heavy rainfall. The problem was worsened by poor street drainage and water flowing down from higher streets. Additionally, a street between their buildings made it difficult to install measures to prevent water backup. We carefully examined their site to find effective solutions.

Exploring Potential Solutions

During our visit, we explored different options to address the water-related challenges our client faced. One idea was to stop the water from entering the facility by addressing the high point of the property. However, the existing pipes from the street drainage made it challenging. The intense water flow down the street caused further complications.

Focusing on Facility Protection

Considering the site’s limitations, we shifted our focus to protecting specific openings vulnerable to water infiltration, such as garage doors, loading dock doors, and personnel doors. Some of these doors were important for accessing critical areas like boilers and electrical rooms in the basement. We needed flood protection measures that could be quickly deployed during heavy rainfall.

Deploying Flood Mitigation Measures

Understanding the client’s time and resource constraints, we discussed flood mitigation measures that could be implemented at these vulnerable locations. We proposed two options: replacing existing personnel doors with flood-resistant doors and installing automatic water-activated bottom hinge flood barriers. These measures would ensure the safety of the facility and critical infrastructure without relying on facility staff during flooding events.

Next Steps

Armed with survey documents and site assessment photos, we will present our client with detailed solutions. These options will showcase how integrating concrete walls, automatic water-activated bottom hinge flood barriers, and new flood-resistant doors can effectively prevent future flooding. We aim to provide a visual representation of the solutions to help our client make an informed decision based on their facility’s unique needs.

At Orange Flood Control, LLC, we listen to our clients’ concerns and develop tailored solutions to protect their valuable facilities. Our recent site visit emphasized the importance of addressing intense rainfall and street drainage issues. By focusing on facility protection and deploying flood mitigation measures, we can assist our clients in safeguarding their operations, critical infrastructure, and personnel during challenging weather conditions. Contact us at today to learn more about how we can help create a resilient facility that withstands any storm.

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