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Permanent 24/7 Flood Protection

Point Of Use Flood Gates

Protect infrastructure, equipment, and personnel with reliable point of use flood gates. Resilient hinged and sliding flood gate barriers are ideal for large, vulnerable facility openings that require rapid closure with minimal deployment requirments.


Point Of Use Flood Gates In Action

Orange Flood Control, LLC has installed rapid-deployed swing and rolling flood gates at facilities across the United States. Many of these resilient flood barriers are still in place – and will continue to provide protection years and decades after the initial install. Explore how these devices have revolutionized flood protection for hundreds of critical infrastructure, commercial, residential, school, and hospital properties in dozens of U.S. locations:

Flood Gates For Properties Across The United States

Innovative Flood Gate Products

Explore active flood gate products that are currently used by facilities across the United States. Keep your home, business, or property safe in the face of constant flooding risks and rising water levels. Typically, manual end-to-end flood gate deployment takes less than five minutes – so you won’t waste critical time when a true emergency arises. Achieve peace of mind today with resilient flood mitigation products.

Hinged Swing Gates

Hinged flood gates utilize a unique mechanism to swing open whenever weather risks aren’t imminent – providing an ideal solution for vulnerable forklift and vehicular entrances.

Sliding Flood Gates

Resilient sliding flood gates can be custom-designed to provide a watertight seal over a dead level threshold – remaining out of the way until deployment is necessary.

Single & Paired Swing Protection

Rapid-Deployment Flood Gates

Prevent downtime, minimize flood damage costs, create a safer environment, and achieve uninterrupted peace of mind with rapid-deployment flood gate barriers. These dry floodproofing solutions create a watertight seal – protecting your irreplaceable machinery, equipment, inventory, and personnel. Don’t wait until the next flood strikes. Secure your commercial, multi-family residential, school, hospital, or critical infrastructure site now with manual flood control.

Always On-Site & Ready-To-Deploy
Built To Fit Any At-Risk Facility Or Opening
No Facility Evacuation Or Closure Required
Designed For 16′ x 30′ Flood Protection
Versatile Flood Defense Solution
Made & Designed In The U.S.A.
Designed & Engineered To Withstand

Durable & Resilient Protection

Swinging hinged and sliding gates are designed for severe flooding conditions and weather durability – engineered to deliver a lifetime of storm protection. These barriers are designed with gaskets, locks, and anchors that can handle extended periods of compression – making them an ideal deployment option for unmanned locations. When required, these gates can be left closed, fully-deployed for indefinite periods – protecting facilities from storm, vandalism, and trespassing risks.

Reliable EPDM Compression Gaskets
Aluminum, Steel, & Stainless Manufacturing
Engineered For Protection Heights Of 6’+
Protect Openings, Entrances, & Public Areas
Secure, Trusted Single Point Locking
Only Single Person Required For Operation
Flood Protection In 5 Minutes Or Less

Gates For Every Flood Risk

When flooding emergencies threaten vulnerable facilities, there are resilient gates for every kind of situation. Orange Flood Control, LLC has installed flood gate barriers at nearly every kind of critical infrastructure, commercial, multi-family residential, school, or hospital property. These devices can be customized to fit pedestrian entrances, vehicular access points, or other vulnerable building openings – both at indoor and outdoor locations. Aside from floods, these barriers can be deployed to contain chemical spills, flammable liquids, petrochemical products, and oil.

Versatile Solution For Flood/Facility Risks
Point-Of-Use Storage After The Storm
Optimal For Underground Passages
Engineered For Custom Openings
State-Of-The-Art Latching System

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