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Browse our services below to learn about how Orange Flood Control, LLC's expert technicians, architects, and installers provide end-to-end flood mitigation to protect your facility.


Our Services

Orange Flood Control, LLC is a leading flood mitigation company that provides a comprehensive range of services, including design, consulting, device selection, fabrication, demolition, site prep, installation, on-site testing, training, maintenance, and service. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Orange Flood Control, LLC is trusted to protect some of the most important industries from flood damage. Hundreds of successfully completed projects in hospitals, schools, multi-family residential facilities, commercial businesses, and critical infrastructure establishes Orange Flood Control, LLC as the nation’s most trusted name in flood mitigation. Our expert technicians, architects, engineers, and installers are here to make flood protection and risk mitigation easy for you at every step of the way. Read on to learn about what you can expect throughout your solution-driven flood mitigation experience with Orange Flood Control, LLC.












Design & Consulting

The Orange Flood Control, LLC team has proven expertise to produce risk assessments, cost evaluations, engineering analysis, and detailed shop drawings. With on-site visits and client collaboration, our team works to ensure your custom design maintains the high-end aesthetics of your building. Our architects plan your project to maximize operations and deliver your solutions on-time.


Flood Device Selection

Our authorized flood control devices cover a wide variety of solutions, including active, passive, and point-of-use options. Flood doors, flood glass, and concealed automatic gates provide passive 24/7 flood defense with no human intervention. Vertical/side deploy, swing gates, and sliding doors offer dependable protection for rapid, manual deployment. Or, choose between flood planks, panels, or shield for high-strength manually-deployed active flood protection.
























Quality Fabrication

Orange Flood Control, LLC’s fabrication team and partners customize each flood device to the specific measurements of your facility’s opening, door, or entryway. With our products’ material warranties and Orange Flood Control, LLC’s quality craftsmanship, we work to provide versatile, trusted solutions to prevent storm damage.


Demolition & Site Prep

Our expert team takes care of any dated, prior existing flood devices and removes them on-site. Then, we fully prepare your facility for seamless installation, whether your infrastructure requires demolition, construction, or setting at openings.

























Seamless Installation

The Orange Flood Control, LLC team follows a rigorous, efficient installation schedule to install your facility’s flood devices on-time, with seamless precision. We coordinate with building staff so you can maintain operations as we deliver proven flood mitigation solutions, dry and wet floodproofing systems, specified concrete flood wall protection, and independent construction oversight.



On-Site Testing

Orange Flood Control, LLC conducts thorough on-site fit tests to ensure your device meets industry standards and provides protection from storm surges and coastal flood events. Using a water tank, our technicians expose your device to artificial flood conditions, so you can ensure your system performs up to industry spillage containment standards.


























Deployment Training

The Orange Flood Control, LLC team trains your facility staff to efficiently deploy your flood devices. We provide extensive, step-by-step training sessions for manual deployments of flood planks, vertical/side deploy, swing gates, and more. We provide custom inventory organization solutions and emergency response plans for maximum preparation prior to the next major flood event.



Maintenance & Service

At Orange Flood Control, LLC, we provide comprehensive maintenance contracts for repairs, replacements, and missing components. With our annual flood device inspections, you can ensure your solutions are deployment-ready, so you can minimize risk and maintain storm safety in your facility.
















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