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Meet Orange Flood Control, LLC, your expert flood mitigation team. With hundreds of successful projects completed, we have years of experience in flood mitigation for commercial and industrial buildings as well as critical infrastructure across the United States.


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With the frequency of catastrophic flooding events increasing, the need to be prepared with an effective emergency management solution is more important than ever. Flooding and high water events occur literally every day worldwide, with devastating consequences. For decades, the New York metropolitan area has trusted the members of Orange Flood Control as their most reliable pre-flood planning team.

Kira McKeown-Adamo

Kira McKeown-Adamo, AIA, CFM, is an architect focused on the sustainability of the environment through responsible design and construction practices. After receiving her degree in Architecture, she began studies in Environmental Psychology and Environmental Studies, which increased her awareness of environmental design and practices.

Kira began her architecture career in commercial design and soon incorporated residential design work. She then co-founded an architecture firm and a custom building company, distinguishing herself in the field as a reputable design architect and builder.

Her professional services include: design, consultant management, code analysis and review, flood mitigation consulting, forensic architecture, and custom construction.

“The concerns and requirements of our clients are paramount to any project that we undertake and our commitment to quality design and problem solving.”

Robert Adamo

Robert Adamo received his Bachelor of Architecture degree, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Tennessee and received a subsequent Degree in Construction Management from New York University. He is a fully licensed Architect and licensed contractor. Robert also serves as a Town Zoning Board member. His professional services include: design, approvals, managing consultants, feasibility requirements, and construction. He has worked in various capacities in multiple states, including: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Mr. Adamo’s professional qualities as a licensed Architect and Contractor serve to add the highest quality of expertise available to our valued clients.

“Most recently I have focused much of my attention on rebuilding residential and commercial properties affected by Super Storm Sandy. My unique approach to understanding our clients concerns and knowledge of the various products available, to solve flood related problems, has helped me become a flood solution industry expert.”

Michael Vicci

Michael Vicci comes from multiple generations of construction companies and services. He has been on job sites since the young age of 16 years old. Michael has over 20 years of experience working in Manhattan’s construction industry. From oil and gas fields to running overnight crews, Michael takes a hands on leadership approach to get the job done right. Since joining Orange Flood Control, LLC, Michael is critical to operations, fulfilling client needs, project deadlines, on-site installations, budget adjustments, and supply deliveries. He manages on-site measuring, client service, and supply chain delivery. From pre-construction services to installation, training, and testing, Michael works alongside our clients through project completion.

“I believe you have to lead by example. Let me show you how to do things, how this works. Let’s work together and build up together. When you take a hands-on approach to leadership, there’s nothing we can’t do.”

Greg Adamo

Greg Adamo received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University. Mr. Adamo brings over 30 years of experience in New Jersey building construction with a focus on single family homes. During his construction years, he also became a licensed property and casualty insurance broker with an emphasis on commercial lines. He has a strong in-depth understanding of the requirements for flood insurance and provides the highest quality of expertise, providing consultation to clients about their flood exposure and how to mitigate it. With the recent rise in super storms, Greg’s knowledge of flood mitigation offers options and protection to the residential and commercial real estate owner.

Dan Drapeau

Dan brings decades of sales experience and history working in the flood mitigation industry. He is a strong sales professional skilled in Water Treatment, Engineering, Critical Infrastructure, Multi-Family, Commercial Properties, Hospitals and Schools. Dan leads our engineering, project management, marketing and sales teams towards business development goals. He is knowledgeable in the high-level capabilities, engineering design, and technical specifications of resilient flood mitigation systems. Meanwhile, Dan builds relationships with building owners, design engineers, contractors, and architects from project concept to delivery. He also serves as the point of contact to government entities, state agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, and private facilities on flood mitigation throughout the United States.

Danielle Mangini

Danielle Mangini is a highly skilled sales representative specializing in flood mitigation solutions. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, Danielle collaborates closely with property owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and public service officials to provide customized solutions that effectively protect their properties from flooding events. Her exceptional communication skills and attention to detail ensure that clients receive top-notch service and unwavering commitment to quality.

Danielle also plays a vital role in the company’s marketing efforts. Leveraging her proficiency in social media and content marketing, she contributes to the development and execution of effective campaigns. By maintaining a robust online presence and engaging potential clients, Danielle actively supports the growth of the business. Speak with Danielle for a complete turn-key solution from project inception through closeout.

“Let’s all work together…Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown has served more than 17 years in building construction, sheet metal fabrication, and landscape design. In addition to being directly involved with the daily project coordination, Patrick has tremendous passion to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to flood mitigation conditions. His insights and knowledge deliver detailed decisions and professional service to our clients. During the past several years, Patrick has produced outstanding results managing projects from the beginning phases through completion and delivery on time, or ahead of schedule, and within budget. His performance has resulted in superior client satisfaction.

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