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Solution Driven: Our Flood Mitigation Process

At Orange Flood Control, we have a forward-looking, professional process to flood mitigation. Through this, we are able to design, listen, and modify your plan in accordance with your flood prevention needs. Then, we can help you understand the risk, plan the design requirements, and create an action plan. This way, you can quickly obtain the top-level flood protection you need.













Our flood mitigation process begins with understanding and listening to the client’s needs. During this time, we will assess, examine, and ensure that the client understands the risk. Then, we will emphasize the problem that needs to be solved and determine your risk tolerance. At this point, we will begin to plan, and keep you inform with needs related to staffing and facility.


Next, our flood mitigation experts will move on into the design stage. During this phase, we will help you plan out flood prevention device and product selection. Then, we will lay out your design requirements, and put this all in our action plan.
























Once flood mitigation installation and device designs are completed, we will begin preparing commitments. During this phase, we will plan, review, and distribute timelines. Then, we will prepare proposal reviews with a complete breakdown of budget, methodology, and outcome. At this point, we will prepare the final contract for review.


With all the contracts signed, it is finally time to begin flood mitigation project execution. At this point, we will finalize drawings, create documents, and begin flood prevention device installation. Once your device is installed, we can even provide testing, training, and maintenance to guarantee reliable, efficient operations.












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