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Permanent 24/7 Flood Protection

Automatic Flood Gates

This passive/automatic flood gate will provide 24/7 flood protection to individual properties and entire communities without human intervention or power.


FloodBreak Automatic Flood Gate in Action:

Revolutionary Flood Control

Automatic flood gates provide permanent flood protection, 24/7, without the need for human intervention or electric power.

Permanently installed and nearly invisible beneath entryways, automatic flood barriers protect virtually every vulnerable flood path while allowing unimpeded access to your facility.

Permanent Flood Protection

Proven Performance

Full Access To Your Facility

Long Service Life

Minimal Maintenance

Low Total Cost Of Ownership

Hidden Below Grade

Blends In With Surroundings

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Rated For HS-20 Loading

Innovative Engineering Design

A simple yet effective innovation, this passive flood control system uses hydrostatic pressure from the rising floodwaters to automatically deploy the buoyant hinged beam and activate the self-sealing rubber gaskets.

Variety Of Covering Materials Including Carpet, Pavers Or Tile

Sidewalls Can Be Any Smooth Surface, Like Granite, Stainless Steel Or Polished Concrete

Barrier Lid And Wiper Walls Can Be Painted To Match Building Walls

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Made In The U.S.A.

Decades Of Service Life

All components are specified so that rust or corrosion is not a factor in harsh environments.

Stainless Steel – Bolts And Pins

Aluminum Alloys – Extrusions, Plates, Bars And Hinges

EPDM Rubber – Gaskets

Non-Skid Durable Epoxy Coatings

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Certified Installer For Over Nine Different Flood Device Manufacturers

Multitude Of Applications

An extremely versatile solution, the passive flood control system can be used in doorways, walkways, flood wall openings, building vestibules, campus paths, staircases, parking garages, floodwall vehicle entrances, driveways, equipment bays, and many more practical applications.

100% Passive

Fully Automatic

24/7 Protection

Permanently Installed

Long-Service Life

No Storage

No Training Hassles

Minimal Maintenance

Custom Sized

Any Length Or Height

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