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Self-Activated Flood Barriers

Automatic Flood Gates

Automatic, self-closing flood gates protect personnel, properties, and irreplaceable assets 24/7/365 - with no reliance on electrical power, physical manpower, or mechanical springs for deployment.


Passive Flood Barriers In Action

Orange Flood Control, LLC has installed resilient, low-maintenance automatic gates at facilities across the United States. These self-rising barriers are stored underground – typically within a concrete, steel, or stainless-steel trough. When a storm strikes, the rising flood waters force the gate to float – raising the barrier into the deployed position. When stormwater recedes, passive barriers automatically lower for no-manpower retraction.

Self-Activated Flood Protection

Passive Flood Gate Solutions

Passive flood gate barriers eliminate manual deployment steps and processes before a severe flooding event. Self-activated flood barriers provide automatic flood protection – regardless of personnel’s availability and location in the facility. These revolutionary flood control devices are expert-engineered for a long protection life-span with minimal maintenance requirements – providing resilient protection for decades.

Permanent 24/7/365 Flood Protection
Minimal Annual Maintenance Requirements
Maintains Building Aesthetics & Access
Proven Performance & Long-Service Life
Hidden Below Building’s Grade
Rated For HS-20 Loading
Automatic AquaTrigger© Barriers

Flip-Up Flood Gate

Secure your property with the Aquatrigger © Automatic Flip-Up Gate from PS Industries. When not in-use, this resilient flood device self-stores flush at the sidewalk, driveway, or pathway surface – eliminating slip & fall risks while preserving building aesthetics. When flooding occurs, hydrostatic pressure causes the passive gate to automatically self-pivot – delivering up to 8′ of water protection heights. With its versatile design and engineering configuration, the AquaTrigger flip-up gate is ideal for retail storefronts, exterior building openings, pedestrian doors, and loading docks.

Engineered For H-20/HS-20 Load Rating
Flush Self-Storage – No Tripping Hazards
Corrosion-Resistant Construction Materials
Minimal Below Grade Depth Clearance
Custom-Engineered For Every Application
Manual, Passive, Electronic Deployment
Automatic AquaTrigger© Barrier

Self-Closing Flood Gate

Protect your facility with a passive, automatic response to flooding risks. The AquaTrigger© Self-Closing Flood Gate from PS Industries stores recessed in the ground until deployment is required. During flash flooding conditions, the barrier is self-activated by rising waters – with no reliance on human intervention, manual assistance, or electricity. This device’s unique engineering design is well-suited for protecting retaining walls, pedestrian walk doors, driveways, loading ramps, and retail storefronts.

Engineered For H-20-44 Loading Standards
Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Design
Minimal Installation Footprint
Simple Testing & Maintenance
Fast Deployment In Minutes
Ideal For Unmanned Locations
Protect Your Personnel, Property, Equipment, And Assets

The Impact Of Passive Flood Door Solutions

Passive response flood gates automatically protect irreplaceable infrastructure from costly, time-consuming damage – without human intervention or electricity. These devices allow facilities to remain operational during severe flash/coastal flooding, natural disasters, heavy rainfall, or unpredictable storms – without evacuation, closure, or downtime. Install flood solutions that lower damage risk – without disrupting day-to-day operations or personnel.


Always In Place

Automatic gates provide a 24/7/365 passive response to severe flood risks – ready to deploy even when personnel isn’t available.


Independent-Party Tested

Automatic flood gates are inspected, tested, and validated by independent third-parties to ensure reliable performance.


Flexible Deployment

In addition to self-activation, these devices can be deployed manually or electronically when flood risks are imminent.


Stores Flush In-Ground

Devices store flush underground to prevent tripping hazards, maximize accessibility, and promote ADA compliance.


No Human Intervention

Passive flood gates operate automatically with no reliance on human intervention, electricity, power, or springs.


Point-Of-Use Self Storage

Passive response flood gates automatically store at the point of use – ready for rapid deployment during flooding.

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