What Is Flood Mitigation? A Guide To The Technology Revolutionizing U.S.  Infrastructure Planning

Flood mitigation technologies, devices, and solutions drastically reduce the risk of structures experiencing water damage. Mitigation is the effort to minimize property damage, loss of life, and the overall impact of natural disasters. Proactive flood control techniques emphasize taking action now – before the next catastrophic weather event strikes. Taking quick mitigation actions can help you protect critical infrastructure, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities against risk. With the amount of floods and other natural disasters constantly increasing, there has never been a more pivotal time to expand on hazard mitigation and control efforts. As a building owner yourself, you’ll want to understand all you can about flood mitigation, as well as its growing role in United States infrastructure planning. Read on to learn about flood mitigation, the technology revolutionizing critical infrastructure design, development, and planning in the U.S.

The Flood Mitigation Problem

A flood mitigation plan protects buildings from natural disaster flooding. You have likely seen images of disastrous property damage, all caused by surging floodwaters. Or, maybe you’ve even experienced the catastrophic effects of these natural disasters yourself. After all, floods are some of the most common, hard-to-predict, expensive, and deadly form of weather events in the United States. Last year, they cost domestic businesses over $25 Billion in lost output. In the city of Miami alone, flooding was believed to cause nearly $5 Billion in economic damage. All over the U.S, floods are caused by broken water dams, rainfall, hurricanes, and snow melt. Since these unpredictable events can occur at anytime, you always need to be prepared for a swift, effective response.

Types Of Flood Mitigation

Of course, there are several distinct types of flood mitigation measures that are continuously used for United States infrastructure planning and maintenance. Structural flood mitigation is likely the most effective of all these unique models. This forward-looking approach involves using floodwalls, planks, doors, and other devices to divert water away from commercial or critical infrastructure. Flood mitigation examples often use structural measures to promote natural disaster risk reduction throughout your facility. Plus, structural flood control projects are known to help firms achieve hazard resilience and resistance for their most valuable assets.

Orange Flood Control’s wide selection of flood devices can protect your building or property from catastrophic natural disasters. We offer a wide product catalog of permanent, temporary, point-of-use, active, and passive flood mitigation devices. Some of our most popular solutions include:

  • Planks
  • Window Protection
  • Swing Gates
  • Flood Doors
  • Windows
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Automatic Gates
  • Sliding Doors
  • Panels

Structural Flood Mitigation Services

Fortunately, there are several structural flood mitigation services to protect against these catastrophic natural disasters. Most commonly, firms protect their facilities with flood planks, gates, doors, and containment devices. These dependable barriers are used to protect corporate business headquarters, critical infrastructure assets, water treatment plants, shopping malls, and municipal facilities. To assure quality and reliable performance, these flood control devices are sourced from reputable global partners and distributors. The result is powerful flood prevention systems that are effective, valuable, and most importantly – dependable.

At Orange Flood Control, we offer a full portfolio of turn-key flood mitigation solutions to help keep your property safe. Some of our most popular offerings include:

  • Architect Engineer Coordination
  • Flood Mitigation Consulting
  • Flood Device Selection
  • Field Visits & Shop Drawings
  • Shipping & Installation
  • Deployment Training
  • Closeout Documents
  • Maintenance & Service

Flood Mitigation And Prevention System

You may also be wondering what exactly a flood mitigation and prevention system is. A dependable system can involve any combination of the active or passive flood devices You may also be wondering what exactly a flood mitigation and prevention system is. A dependable system can involve any combination of the active or passive flood devices mentioned earlier. Barriers, planks, doors, and walls are all core components of a flood mitigation system. Many flood mitigation specialists recommend a combination of passive, active, temporary and point of use solutions. They are regularly used to fight flood damage on commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal, or critical infrastructure. When designed and installed correctly, these powerful solutions can defend against flash floods, storm surges, and coastal natural disasters.

The Future Of Flood Mitigation


Experts in environmental engineering are also beginning to discuss what the future of flood mitigation holds. The United States is quickly rising to the forefront of innovative flood prevention and control technologies. Businesses, engineers, and property owners are beginning to take a more urgent approach to defend against rising sea levels. This is especially true for corporations that operate near coastal shores. Over the past 30 years, U.S. firms have been looking for new ways to deal with surging storm water. Of course, the rise of structural flood control systems and devices have proven a reliable solution to this urgent issue.

If your company needs a proactive approach to handle hazardous floods and storm water, you need to work with a mitigation specialist. Orange Flood Control specializes in flood mitigation, full-service design, device sales, installation, service, and maintenance services for residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial clients. We’re the only company capable of providing top qualifications and significant experience in the installation of flood mitigation equipment throughout the United States. Some of our notable qualifications include:

  • Industry-Proven Performance
  • Custom-Engineered Flood Mitigation Solutions
  • Conceptual through Final Completion Design

Highest Quality Equipment & Material

To keep commercial, industrial, and critical infrastructure safe, proactive property owners need to know exactly what flood mitigation is. Turn-key flood mitigation is the process of keeping your most valuable business properties and assets safe. It is accomplished through a sophisticated network of dependable flood control devices, barriers, and walls. Of course, all of these powerful solutions together make up your flood mitigation and prevention system. With this core foundation in mind, you’ll also want to familiarize yourself with what the future of flood control and stormwater management looks like. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about what flood mitigation is — the technology revolutionizing infrastructure planning in the United States.

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