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Flexible Protection Solutions

Flex-Gate Flood Barriers

Flex-Gate flood barriers maximize efficiency while protecting people, products, and surrounding infrastructure safe during hazardous emergency conditions.


Flex-Gate Flood Barriers In Action:

Flex-Gate Flood Protection

Flex-Gate Flood Barriers provide you reliable, top-level protection against severe natural disasters and rising sea levels related to climate change. With several advanced flood control and mitigation products, these devices are crucial to protect your critical infrastructure and valuable assets. PS Flood Barriers has pushed far beyond conventional storm water prevention systems. Instead, they have focused on developing pioneering, forward-looking, agile technologies. With this immense value proposition, PS Flood Barriers delivers dependable, point-of-use solutions that can be deployed in days.

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Revolutionary Flood Control Products

PS Flood Barriers delivers a broad spectrum of advanced, dependable flood control products to protect your buildings, industrial operations, and utilities. Some of the most popular products include the Flex-Gate Side Deploy, which functions as a high-strength, durable, and flexible wall that can be rapidly deployed. Your residential, commercial, or industrial facilities may even benefit from alternate Flood-Gate flood control devices, such as gates, doors, and portals.

Flex-Gate — Side Deploy

Flex-Gate Stairwell

Flex-Gate Portal

Flex-Gate Bottom Deploy

Flex-Cover Door

Flex-Cover Gate

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