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Automatically Protect Vulnerable Openings

Automatic Vent Shaft Systems

Passively protect your above and below grade openings.


Custom Designed

We install custom-designed Vent Shaft passive louver systems. The pictured system was designed and installed to protect subway tunnel shafts. These shafts vent air as the subway train passes through the tunnel. When flood water rises, the louvers close in sections as needed protecting the critical tunnel infrastructure from flooding. Over 30 units are installed and working as intended. More installations are scheduled.

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Reliable Flood Protection

Passive Flood Protection For Above Grade Openings – I.E. Generators, Fan Plants

Installed Behind Or Over Existing Gratings – Inset Or Surface Mounted

Designed For Minimal Airflow Disruption

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Strategically Engineered

A Series Of Buoyant Louvered Panels, Enclosed Within An Aluminum Box & Shelf Structure

Proven Effective In Many Projects

An Elegant Way To Handle The Structural Loads Imposed By The Floodwater

Custom Sized To Fit The Opening – Protection To Required Flood Elevation

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Dependable Construction

Floodwater “Floats” The Panel Into Position

Wiper Seals Stop The Water From Going Around The Panel Edges

Only Panels Affected By The Water Will Raise, Leaving Much Of The Opening Intact In “Minor” Flood Events

The Shelves Will Each Drain Through – No Additional Drainage Is Needed

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We protect buildings and critical infrastructure in the United States.

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