FLOOD MITIGATION Orange Flood Control offers flood mitigation, device installation, and prevention services for commercial, residential, and industrial clients. THE NATION'S MOST TRUSTED NAME IN

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The Nation’s most trusted name in flood mitigation, prevention, and device installation services, Orange Flood Control provides top-quality workmanship, personal attention, and customer support in every project we complete. With the frequency of catastrophic flooding events increasing, we understand the critical importance of trustworthy flood control services. Regardless of your project scope or complexity, we are fully prepared to serve as your expert storm water and flood preparation team.


Flood Devices, Service, Installs

Flood Control Devices

We provide the best, appropriate flood control devices to meet your needs.

Flood Device Installation

You can trust our trained mitigation experts to install your devices.

Flood Control Device Maintenance

Our prevention professionals are fully trained on providing service and maintenance for all your flood equipment.

Flood & Storm Water Mitigation Consulting

We plan and consult for automatic, passive, temporary, and permanent flood barrier solutions.

Flood Prevention Device Testing

Our experts provide comprehensive flood prevention testing services to inspect the integrity and reliability of installed devices.

The Most Trusted Name In Flood Mitigation

At Orange Flood Control, we are the nation’s most trusted name in flood mitigation, control, prevention, and device installation. Our team provides quality workmanship and personal attention-to-detail to ensure customer satisfaction on every project we complete. From preliminary designs to final installation, we offer the largest inventory of flood prevention devices and specialized expertise. Regardless of the scope of your project, Orange Flood Control has the top flood device installation services for your mitigation and prevention project.


















Authorized Flood Prevention Distributor For:

Orange Flood Control Will:

Listen to, and maintain open communication with our flood mitigation, prevention, and device installation customers to guarantee satisfaction on every job.

Ensure that our entire flood mitigation team has the proper experience, training, and knowledge to provide the best solutions every time.

Utilize the highest quality equipment and materials to ensure that every flood device installation, maintenance, and mitigation job goes right, the first time.

Pay close attention to detail. Quality, expert flood prevention workmanship is guaranteed on every job we do.

Stand behind every project we complete. No flood mitigation job is complete until our customer is 100% satisfied.

Solution Driven: Our Flood Mitigation Process



Flood Control Devices

At Orange Flood Control, we specialize in a wide range of flood control devices. With a full inventory of flood mitigation and prevention devices, we have the proper resources to ensure 24/7 water protection of your property or community. Whether you are searching for a flood gate, door, plank, or panels, we carry solutions from the top brands and providers. We even carry a full line or temporary, semi-permanent, automatic, and passive flood barriers.

  • Automatic/Passive Barriers
  • Automatic Flood Gates
  • Vent Shaft Systems
  • Manual/Active Barriers
  • Swing/Sliding Flood Gates
  • Temporary/Semi-Permanent Barriers
  • Rapid Deployment Systems

Flood Control Services

 At Orange Flood Control, we offer multiple flood mitigation services to help owners of commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties all over the United States. Our flood prevention experts are proficient in device selection, installation, and thorough testing. Once your flood mitigation equipment is installed, we will even provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that you are fully-satisfied.

  • Flood Control Device Selection
  • Flood Prevention & Mitigation Design
  • Flood Control Device Installation
  • Flood Mitigation Maintenance
  • Flood Prevention Device Testing
  • Flood Mitigation Device Support
  • Flood & Storm Water Prevention
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