Step Out of the Past and into the Future of Flood Protection

Your effective sandbag alternatives.

3 Rapid Deployment Systems to choose from:

Flood water protection and containment.

Rapid deployment systems are a great answer to the ever growing need to provide better protection and containment. They have proven to be a quick, easy, and sustainable solution to combat the increasing threat of flooding.

Flood waters being contained by rapidly deployed system
Storm water being abated by flood wall

Flood control barriers.

Your first line of defense in flood protection. Whether you operate a power plant trying to protect your substations or you manage a homeowners association, rapid deployment flood control barriers should be part of your flood prevention plan.

Not only is this system rapidly deployable, it also has a very small footprint once set up. The unit can prevent floods to the top of its height. For corporations or municipalities the ability to reuse the unit gives the purchasing agent the ability to amortize the product over a number of years. This makes it an extremely affordable way to protect your property. In some instances we have seen insurance rates drop because of the companies ability to show they have a trusted flood prevention plan.

Easy to use, cheap to buy, reusable and amazingly fast to deploy. Make this part of your flood protection plan today.

Manage storm water safely and effectively.

When storm water emergencies arise, call your experts first. Orange Flood Control will be your best choice for storm water management solutions in the Tri State area.

With the frequency of catastrophic flooding events increasing, the need to be prepared with an effective emergency management solution is more important than ever. Flooding and high water events occur literally every day, with devastating consequences.

Storm water being abated by flood wall
Flood walls are better than sandbags

Better than sandbagging.

The rapid deployment system obviates the need for sandbagging, thus freeing up personnel for other disaster activities. It therefore assists human resources planners.

The product’s lifecycle costs are far below that of sandbags, which have a one-time use. This frees up disaster funds for other uses. After absorbing surface waters and chemicals, sandbags require special handling and disposal. Our rapid flood walls eliminate such a need, and because they're made of recyclable materials, they have minimal impact on our environment.

The product can be pre-positioned at strategic locations and can be quickly deployed wherever needed. Thus, it gives options to disaster planners in advance.

Reusable solution.

Flood Protection for erosion, bank reinforcement and stabilizations, safety barriers, temporary or permanent levee, step dam, hazardous material containment, mudslide and wash out protection. 4 foot high bags can hold back 4 foot of water.

A light weight, reusable solution that can be rapidly deployed with little economic impact.

Reuseable flood protection
Reusable flood device seen up close

Can be re-used with zero additional cost.

Most flood mitigation products need to be repaired after each use, resulting in additional cost each time they're used. Our bags though, can be re-used multiple times with zero additional cost.

This makes our bags a less expensive replacement to gabion baskets, Hesco and other barriers on the market.

Product specifications:

Available in the following heights: 2’, 4’, 6’
Can be installed in lengths from 9’ to unlimited feet or miles
Various Lengths can be ordered from 50', 100', 200' sections.
Can protect to the height of the bag, no pyramiding needed to get additional height
Deployable in various shapes: circles, straight lines, angles, squares, etc
Ability to install in tight area’s ( 6 feet minimum)
No assembly required
Product is light weight for ease of movement
Can be stored outside
Can be filled with a variety of aggregate, whatever is readily available
1 section (100 feet) can be filled in 20-25 minutes compared to installing approximately 8,000 sandbags
Light weight resulting in low shipping costs
Requires minimal storages space as it can be stacked 5-6 pallets high
Flood device being deployed quickly
Workers deploying a flood control device

Flood mitigation benefits:

Deploys rapidly
Securely protects vital infrastructure from flood waters
Quicker speed of deployment using less manpower. Previous installations more than 300 feet per hour using 4-5 labors, 2 Bobcats, 4 foot high barrier
Light weight & reusable. Buy once – store – use multiple times
Ability to fill bags with multiple types of aggregate, whatever is readily available (gravel, sand, crushed road base, mill slag, RAP recycled asphalt or small riprap 6” or below)
Bags can be covered with dirt for permanent protection
Ability to leave opening for access which can later be filled when necessary
Limited economic impact on facility, community, or area of deployment

Rapid deployment in emergency situations.

Our barriers can be rapidly deployed. A section of over 300 feet long and 4 feet high can be deployed in less than 1 hour using 2 Bobcats and 5 labourers (providing the material is on the site).

Very little if any site preparation is needed prior to deployment. This system doesn’t require level ground or flat surfaces for installation. It can be installed up and down hills and over curbs, even on undulating terrain.

Flood control device being filled with sand
Flood device being used for erosion control

Erosion control.

Not only great for insuring against future floods but this system can be used to control slow damage caused by erosion. It can be used for above ground erosion prevention or buried to help stabilize the soil.

Orange Flood Control, LLC installs temporary barriers that can effectively engage the many diverse challenges of erosion control with speed and efficiency. They are a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Not your average sandbag.

A unique sandless sandbag system. This system can save you time, money, and even lives versus traditional sandbags. Sandless sandbags absorb water, allowing them to do things sandbags could never do.

Unique sandless sandbag
Sandless sandbags being used to protect against minor flood

Cleaner, lighter and more effective.

Our bags use a biodegradable polymer to absorb water then block it. Delivered as a flat one-pound sack, they absorb up to 45 pounds of fresh water in five minutes, forming a dense gel that blocks and redirects water, while forming to each other or adjacent structures for a tighter fit than traditional sandbags. Because they are stored dry, they are cleaner, lighter, more effective and easier to use in the places and times when sandbags are most needed.

Sandless sandbags will save you time and money through all stages of your sandbag usage: storage, deployment, usage and cleanup.