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Flexible Protection Solutions

Flex-Gate Flood Barriers

High-strength flex-gate barriers are engineered for rapid active deployment - designed to deliver resilient flood protection between openings, across vulnerable doors, or covering at-risk windows.


Flex-Gate Flood Barrier

Point-of-use flex-gate barriers use a high-strength, durable fabric wall to provide watertight, scalable flood control. This patented design is fully customizable for flexible flood protection lengths and challenging water heights – even surrounding difficult structural corners or angles. Barriers are designed for simple, rapid deployment during emergency flooding situations – and can be deployed by minimal personnel in 30 minutes or less.

Flex-Gate Flood Barriers In-Action

Orange Flood Control, LLC has installed resilient, low-maintenance automatic gates at facilities across the United States. These self-rising barriers are stored underground – typically within a concrete, steel, or stainless-steel trough. When a storm strikes, the rising flood waters force the gate to float – raising the barrier into the deployed position. When stormwater recedes, passive barriers automatically lower for no-manpower retraction.

Stored On-Site For Rapid Deployment

Bottom-Deploy Flex Gate

Bottom-deploy flex gates are stored in a covered trench at point-of-use – ensuring all critical deployment components, materials, and hardware is accessible during a flooding emergency. Trenches can be designed and shaped to surround any vulnerable structure – even those with curves, tight angles, or rigid corners. These barriers can be deployed and stowed by a single person within minutes – even during high winds or rainfall conditions.

Available, Point-Of-Use Storage
Quick Deployment – 1 Person Required
Watertight & Corrosion-Resistant
Fully Customizable For Any Opening
Hidden Below Building’s Grade
High-Strength, Dry Floodproofing Protection

Side-Deploy Flex Gate

Side–deploy flex gates are stored at the point-of-use – in a container holding all necessary tools, materials, and components. During deployment, the barrier is anchored to the ground using clamp bars or integral weights – creating a reliable watertight seal. This customizable, scalable design can be engineered to fit any at-risk vulnerable opening – preventing flooding and high-wind debris impacts.

Minimize Disruptions & Downtime
FM Approved & Vetted
Seepage Less Than 0.5 GAL/MIN/FT
Compact, Point-Of-Use Storage
Anchored Skirt Deploys Quickly
Protect Vertical Stairwells & Critical Infrastructure

Stairwell Flex Gate

High-strength flex gates create a watertight seal along vulnerable stairwells, ventilation shafts, basement doors, or other at-risk openings of any size, length, or orientation. When not in use, these devices are stored in a convenient, accessible container at the point-of-use. When flood risks are imminent, the barrier can easily be rolled out across the opening by a single person in minutes. Compared to other barriers, the stairwell flex-wall requires fewer moving components – reducing maintenance requirements and life-cycle costs.

Developed To Defend NYC MTA
Secure The Site In Minutes
Variety Of Customizable Configurations
Minimize Interruption Until Last Minute
Withstand Flood Pressures Up To 10′-16′
Flexible Protection Walls & Barriers

Flex-Gate Barrier Installation

During severe flooding events, flex walls and barriers can surround entire facilities and valuable free-standing equipment or machinery. Orange Flood Control, LLC has installed these flexible barriers to protect glass storefronts, at-risk doors, loading docks, and entire building perimeters. Once flood waters recede, these systems can be easily retracted and reused for future emergencies – preserving architecture and building aesthetics.


FM Approved

FM Approvals is the most trusted, industry leading certification authority that analyzes flood mitigation barriers and products.


Versatile Configuration

Flex-gate barriers offer versatile, 100% customizable configuration options – depending on flood elevation, wind conditions, and seepage allowance.


Durable Components

Flex-barriers are engineered with water-resistant, tamper-proof, and damage-tolerant fabric, containers, intermediate posts, and receivers.


Rapid Deployment

Stairwell, bottom, and side-deploy flex barriers are rapid to deploy – typically requiring 1-2 facility personnel a maximum of 60 minutes.


Stored On-Site

Deployment hardware and components are stored on-site – using an above-ground, tamper-proof metal box & secure door panel.


Scalable Design

These point-of-use flood barriers have a scalable design that can be configured to fit any vertical opening or required building perimeter length.

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